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Interestingly enough, the idea for the blog part of my site was to go in depth about the things that were keeping me busy.  Then a funny thing happened….. I got kinda busy.

Des McAnuff performs at a function at Koerner Hall

Starting with some work for the wonderful Peggy Shannon, the chair of Ryerson Theatre School.  Last fall, she was the driving force behind a concert performance in honor of Des McAnuff.  It was a very special night, filled with performances from the likes of Bruce Dow, Jersey Boys, Sean Cullen, and the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Shooting it was an interesting challenge, considering the number of times I wanted to just put down my gear and watch the show.  The evening ended with Des himself taking the stage with his fellow Red Dirt Band members.  Overall, really special stuff.

I was then lucky enough to shoot the process of Ryerson’s “Women And War” project: a three play cycle incorporating 34 Ryerson undergraduate and graduate artists and scholars, leading artists from five different countries, playwrights such as Judith Thompson and Timberlake Wertenbaker, and a host of professional performers.

The result was a very moving and thought provoking piece of work.  Alas, they didn’t have it in their budget to bring their photographer with them to Greece for the performances, but word is it was a worthwhile and successful project for all involved.

Oh yeah, I sold a few shots to the Stratford Festival, there’s also been a fair bit of head shot, maternity, family, production, and general wonderfulness happening this fall.  Most recently, shooting the poster and production shots for Jaybird Production’s upcoming performances of David Mamet’s “Oleanna“.

Wha’appen? February 16, 2011

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Quite a bit actually.  The new year brought a flurry of head shot sessions, the start of a new branch of the business, and a few promotional shoots to boot.  One of the most recent was with the wonderful Toronto based singer Jill Harris.  That’s her —>

In case you’ve never heard Jill, why don’t you pop on over and have a listen.  You’ll be glad you did.

I also continue to have a great continuing relationship with the fine folks at Etobicoke Musical Productions.  I’ve done the production shots for their last few shows, and they continue to produce quality stuff.  Keep an eye out for their spring production of “Urinetown”

I was also happy to get an email from the fine folks at Sears & Switzer Acting Studio this week, letting me know they had added me to their “Recommended Shooter” list of the “top head shot pros” in Toronto.  Thanks guys!

So things have been busy and great.  If you’re looking to book a  session, drop me an email and we’ll put it together.  My wonderful make up artist Lainie Elton is  available, and the busy spring head shot season is almost upon us.

Barenaked Laddies October 15, 2010


Jerry Seinfeld had a line where he said there were a certain number of penises he could tolerate seeing in a day.  And that number was zero.  Well, over the last few months I certainly crossed that line a few times as I worked with the fine men of Scarborough Theatre to produce their fundraising 2011 calendar.  All the guys were game and we had a blast putting it together. The calendar was the brainchild of Mike Scott who put it together to coincide with Scarborough Music Theatre’s upcoming production of “The Full Monty: If you want to support a deserving group, hop on over and take a peek.

Corsica calls…. July 22, 2010


So as of tomorrow I’ll be shooting (and relaxing)  in Corsica for most of the next month.  I’ll be back at the end of August. I’m still taking bookings however.  Just drop me a note, and forgive me if the reply takes a bit longer than usual.

Have you heard about this “Facebook” thing? March 14, 2010


Apparently it’s all the rage with “the kids” these days.  So I finally got a Facebook page up and running for the biz.  You can find it here. Of course, if you’re at my webpage and reading this post, you’ve probably seen pretty much all that’s on the Facebook page anyway.  But who knows.  Hopefully it’ll give a chance for a bit of feedback and interaction.  Either that or it’ll sit there like a piece of ham left in the fridge too long.

Plus I’m currently booking into April for head shots.  If you’d like a booking,  give me a shout.

A Chilly Bruce February 5, 2010

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Had the chance to shoot this week with Bruce Turner, host of Style By Jury.  We got some super shots, and had a very laid back afternoon.  He’s a great guy who was totally game for some outdoor shots even though it was February and both of us were kind of freezing our butts off. To be fair, I was in a super warm coat, and he was in the shirt pictured here.  Yet another reason it’s sometimes good to be on THIS side of the lens

Alors, c’est finis pour maintenant…. July 22, 2009


Alas, my summer of shooting so much that my shutter finger has blisters the size of a Hyundai has come to an end.  However, I worked with some amazing people, learned some new things, and had a blast.  So now I am off to the south of France for a month of food, photography and fine wine (not necessarily in that order)

I will however be checking my email (on occasion) while in France, and will still be booking shoots for September.  So if you’re looking for a session, just drop me a line, and forgive any response lag time.  It will just be because I am on a beach in Corsica.  Mea culpa.

head shot season… duck season… headshot season… April 28, 2009


Now that all the drama schools etc…. are finishing up for the year, the head shot calls are coming in, so if you’re looking for a booking, my earliest date as of today, is June 9th.

Pork Sandwiches March 27, 2009


The Walnut (as I have now come to refer to the studio I’m renting) is in a great part of town…  The people there are wonderful, and even though it’s bare bones, it has a charm people seem to like.


it is nearby two dueling smells…. a place where they keep pigs, and a place where they bake bread.  So depending which way the wind blows, you could get either of those two distinct aromas.  Last night, it was kind of both.

Fortunately, I had the amazing Stacey to shoot with, so everything else became a whole lot nicer.  It’s fairly safe to say it will not be our last shoot together.  She is the kind of model you hope to work with pretty much every time: sweet, professional and easy going.


If you’re looking for head shots, I am currently booking late May.

Book ‘em Dano… February 28, 2009

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Ah Urinetown,… we hardly knew you.

So after a month of insane craziness with a production of Urinetown I was in, it’s now back to shoots.  Although I’ve been shooting a bit throughout, things sort of slowed down to a trickle for the last few weeks.  Mea culpa.  BTW, if you want to see some amazing shots of the show, cruise on over to the site of the photographer who did our production shots, Raph Nogal.  Really wonderful stuff.

This week was beyond nuts,…. but was happily capped off with a drive by three hour shoot with the absolutely wonderful Leah.  She has an issue with no shoe-iness that needs to be addressed, but aside from that we love her.  Sadly, Caramel was not around, the way he was with Kristine, (see below) so we relied on my imaginary friend, Todd.  As you can see, Leah is a delicate, demure soul, whereas I am a clothes horse of the highest order.

Previous to that, it was another another fabulous session with the consummate pro, Araina.  She and I have worked together before, however this time we wrapped her in plastic, painted her gold, and generally had a delightful time.  (She’s also a wonderful makeup artist.)

And for those looking to shoot, I’m now booking into mid April.